Local movie lovers buzzing about Hollywood’s biggest night

(NEWS10) – They say it’s Hollywood’s biggest night. That’s technically true, but it’s so much bigger than just that one city in Cali.

Tonight, if you love movies, then this is your super bowl.

“If you look at the nominees this year, they deal with everything from civil rights, racism,” said Rob Edelman.

Rob Edelman is a film professor at UAlbany. He says this year’s nominees really are the best of the best. Entertain you, and make you think.

“Gee, that character is dealing with an issue. What is that issue? How does it relate to me?,” said Edelman.

Whether it’s a historic movie.

“Take a film like Hidden Figures. On one level, very entertaining, very well-acted, very well received by critics and viewers, and yet it educates you,” said Edelman.

Or a modern musical.

“I see La La Land as being escapism. I think in this day and age with what’s going on, people crave escapism,” said Edelman.

Steve Hanson agrees. He works at East Street Video in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

That’s right, a movie store. Remember those?

“We have a very local customer base. They come in and they ask for suggestions, we special order movies for customers,” said Hanson.

Movies have always helped transport people to different places and times.

“People work 9-5 all day and they want that release, they want to escape real life for a little while,” said Hanson.

So when the red carpet is rolled out, all the way in Hollywood. People here on the other side of the country will be paying close attention.

So who wins? Well La La Land does lead all movies with 14 nominations and that ties Titanic for the most ever. People here in the Capital Region say that’s the movie to beat but what do you think? The conversation continues on our News10 Facebook page.

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