Area where hiker found possible human skull may be past burial site

COXSACKIE, NY (NEWS10) – “How surprised would you be if you found, heard a skull was in your neighborhood, yeah, no obviously it’s a little disturbing,” said Virginia Lupone.

Virginia Lupone is surprised to say the least after a hiker found part of a skull near her home.

But before buying her property in 1997, she had heard stories about people finding Native American artifacts like arrowheads in the area.

“Every time you want to build something, there’s always rumor that you may end up hitting a burial site down here since it’s pretty ancient ground,” said Lupone.

Well at this time officials don’t know if this is an artifact or evidence of crime. Greene County District Attorney Joe Stanzione says the skull appears to be from a human but they still have to do forensic testing.

“We don’t know how long this skull’s been there. We don’t know how old the skull is,” said Stanzione.

They also don’t know how it got there, about a quarter-mile down a path off Four mile road.

“It could have very well been washed up from the river. It could have been dragged there by an animal,” said Stanzione.

What they do know is the skull was found in the open, slightly in the ground, and it’s all bone, no flesh.

“There’s a lot of work to be done to see exactly what we’re dealing with here,” said Stanzione.

In the meantime, Lupone isn’t concerned living down the road. She just hopes for the best.

“It’s gonna be an interesting story. I’m curious to see how it unfolds, it sounds a bit mysterious,” said Lupone.

The DA tells News10ABC the Sheriff’s Office and State Police are heading the investigation.

State DEC is assisting, they happen to own the land.

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