Man falls into Poestenkill Gorge in area of Cookie Factory on Congress Street; has not resurfaced


“We’ve seen this before. Kids you know they’re young. They feel invincible and they climb around on rocks and they get into a dangerous situation,” said Mayor Patrick Madden.

A male, his age unknown, got himself into this same dangerous situation that Troy Mayor Patrick Madden described, just before 4pm Saturday.

“The individual was trying to come up the shale wall on the other side of the creek,” said Madden.

Saturday afternoon, a male was climbing up the rocks in the Poestenkill Gorge behind the area of the Cookie Factory on Congress st, according to Troy police.

Reports are that he lost his grip and fell into the water. He may have struck his head prior to hitting the water.

“The person has not surfaced, “said Mayor Madden

Troy Fire and Police crews posted up and searched throughout the Gorge, on both sides of the stream. They believe the male may be stuck under a ledge under the water.

The water was too turbulent to send rescue divers in. Strong winds and rain didn’t help the situation.

“It’s a very narrow shoot of water there. There’s a lot of pressure coming through there from the snowmelt. The rain is just going to add to that,” said Mayor Madden.

So the water levels will most likely stay high over the next few days, preventing divers from getting in there anytime soon. And though officials aren’t calling it a recovery yet, the water temperatures aren’t a good sign.

“The water is probably a couple degrees above freezing only, and it would make survival very difficult,” said Mayor Madden.

They hope to get into the water in the next few days.Despite the rain, crews will remain on scene all night.


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