Police identify man found dead in ravine near Wyllie Street in Schenectady

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Schenectady Police say the circumstances surrounding the death of a man found in a ravine near Wyllie Street in Schenectady on Friday do not appear to be suspicious.

Schenectady Police have identified the deceased individual as 40-year-old Shantae Ubrich, of Schenectady.

After an autopsy was performed Saturday, Police say it does not appear as though Ubrich’s death was suspicious.

“It does scare you especially when you have little boys. I have a six and a four-year-old,” April Schrom, of Schenectady, said.

Neighbors on Wyllie Street in Schenectady were on edge this morning when the area they usually let their kids play on became an active police scene.

Schenectady Police say Ubrich’s body was discovered by crews working on tree removal near a wooded area down a steep ravine.

“A lot of drug people, prostitutes and everything that go down that hill. They do tents during the summer and they live down there,” Schrom said.

His body was removed Friday afternoon and was taken to Albany Med for an autopsy.

“I believe we’ve been here for a few calls in the past. I’d have to look into the history itself to see how many times and for exactly what,” Schenectady Police Sgt. Matt Dearing said.

Sgt. Matt Dearing says police were looking to obtain surveillance video in the area from a nearby business but April Shrom says she wants neighborhood cameras put on Wyllie Street.

“We went to City Hall before and told them that they need to put cameras back here and they said they were going to but they never do.”

Police have not yet provided information as to Ubrich’s cause of death. The Schenectady Police Department is still investigating the incident.


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