Strong reactions arise towards revised agreement with Hoosick Falls, Saint Gobain, Honeywell

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Many have criticized this agreement and now the former EPA Region 2 Administrator is doing the same, but the village mayor says he’s proud of the revised agreement.

“This is the most one one-sided, inadequate, legal agreement I’ve ever seen,” Former EPA Region 2 Admin. Judith Enck said.

“It’s piece of crap number two,” Loreen Hackett from PFOA Project NY said.

“It would be a ridiculous decision to pass this agreement,” Michael Hickey said.

The strong reactions are coming after the Village of Hoosick Falls announced a revised agreement between the village and those being held responsible for PFOA contamination, Saint Gobain and Honeywell. In the new agreement, the village would get $1,045,000 dollars instead of the original $850,000. A portion of the money would reimburse the village for costs related to PFOA contamination including consulting firms, engineering and water sampling.

Village resident Michael Hickey, who discovered the contamination, thinks the agreement is premature.

“Our permanent system just became live, not even a month ago so, we really don’t even know the full impacts of what we have in Hoosick Falls,” Hickey said.

Loreen Hackett with PFOA Project New York agrees.

“PFOA may still pop up, given we’re still finding VOC’s, given the movement of plumes,” Hackett said.

Perhaps most troubling to those who disagree with the agreement is a line that states the village cannot sue the companies for any claims now or in the future relating to PFOA, unless it involves new wells, alternative water sources, additions to the current water system, decrease in property values, and other contaminants.

“I think the mayor can get a much better agreement,” Enck said.

In a statement from Village Mayor Dave Borge on Wednesday, he said, “The Board and Village attorneys worked very hard with the companies on this unprecedented agreement and we appreciate their effort to work with us and resolve outstanding issues. Our priority from the beginning has been to ensure residents do not bear the brunt of a situation they didn’t create.”

There is a special meeting about this on Thursday at 6 p.m. in Hoosick Falls at the armory.

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