Puppy recovering after overdosing on owner’s drugs

CARROLLTON, Texas (KTVT) — A puppy in Texas is recovering after he got into his owner’s heroin but vets say this isn’t uncommon.

“He’s happy, healthy,” said Animal Care Specialist Joe Skenesky.

An affectionate little Chihuahua-mix puppy has earned the nickname, Lucky.

“Because he’s such a lucky little dog,” Skenesky said.

Carrollton police found the pup and a stash of heroin inside a car at Home Depot Saturday after arresting the dog’s owners for switching price tags on merchandise.

“He was extraordinarily lethargic, almost comatose,” said Stacie Fowler. “He was really on the verge of not breathing.”

Emergency Veterinarian Doctor Fowler said the symptoms were typical for a dog that’s ingested opiates.

“Really common. Every shift, we see a lot of marijuana toxicity, amphetamine toxicity, legal prescribed drugs that they’ve gotten into accidentally, like ADHD meds,” Dr. Fowler said.

In Lucky’s case, she says he is, in fact, lucky that officers found him when they did and brought him to the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic.

“If he had not received treatment, he would have stopped breathing,” Dr. Fowler said.

His caretakers at Carrollton Animal Services say he’s bounced back rather well.

“He’s very outgoing, very playful, a little camera shy,” Skenesky said.

Now, they just hope they’ll be able to adopt him out to a family who’ll treat him the way he deserves.

“Love him, take care of him, and have patience with him and yeah, preferably no heroin,” Skenesky said.

The dog’s owners have been charged with fraud and drug possession. Police have not yet charged them with any form of animal abuse, but have not ruled that out.

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