North Adams residents stay hopeful after not winning top prize in Small Business Revolution

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) — The results are in. On Wednesday, we found out who the winner of the Small Business Revolution contest was.

It came down to North Adams, Massachusetts and four other small cities across America.

The sun is shining in North Adams on Wednesday and the mood is electric as the winner is announced early.

Unfortunately, North Adams came up a little short, but folks say just like today, the future is bright.

Just before 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, neighbors filed in at Mass Moca, all eagerly awaiting the big announcement.

It’s a competition that started with hundreds of cities, narrowed down to just these last five.

Months of campaigning and hard-work is all coming down to this.

“Even the little ones at school, we had kindergarten kids voting for North Adams,”

When it’s announced that North Adams is not the winner of the $500,000 dollar reward, the mood isn’t that of disappointment or defeat.

Instead, there is hope.

“It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s just being a part of something that is fabulous,” Joice Fruscio said.

Fruscio and Lois Hobbie-Welch are teachers. They say this is just the beginning.

“It’s not over,” Fruscio said. “We’re just building up the momentum, it’s just going to get better and better.”

“I feel a lot of pride to be a part of North Adams,” Hobbie-Welch said.

Suzy Helme helped spearhead the city’s campaign. No matter what happened, North Adams is already a winner.

“We’re a great community,” Helme said. “We’re going to have an amazing summer. We are going to keep plugging and the momentum we’ve built over the past few weeks to just make this community better.”

“I think that this is hopefully going to be a boost for redefining that path and that future for North Adams.” Julie Gordon, Director of Marketing Principles, said.

As for the city that was selected, that would be Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania.

In North Adams, officials say they are already looking to use the momentum from this campaign to continue to improve downtown.

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