Boston Symphony Orchestra plans Tanglewood expansion

LENOX, Mass. (NEWS10) – Some big changes are coming to Tanglewood, one of the region’s most popular music venues.

“It’s kind of hard to believe, but where I’m standing right now will soon be the newest expansion for Tanglewood,” says Bobby Lahart, Director of Facilities at Tanglewood.

Lahart says he still remembers his very first job at the venue as a parking attendant.

He says the venue is basically a part of his DNA. He is the third generation to call it home.

“Beginning from the inception of the concert in1937 with my grandfather, followed by my father who worked for 50 years,” says Lahart. “Then I followed in his footsteps and I’m proud to do it.”

He proud of what Tanglewood provides, a unique blend of music and nature from around the world as well as the local community.

“It’s truly rewarding and engaging to hear the maestro interact with the orchestra, the instructor and the students, to really see the synergy.” says Lahart.

Tanglewood recently announced a $30 million expansion to add a new four-building complex.

“Using state-of-the-art technology and these three studios, we’ll be able to live stream this content to a global audience and record and archive it for future access,” says Lahart.

Officials say construction will begin by the end of the summer, and should be finished by 2019.


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