Police suspect theft ring after skimming device placed on ATM in Glens Falls

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  A card skimmer at a local ATM has police thinking a sophisticated crime ring is to blame.

Police are looking for at least four suspects they say installed a sophisticated skimming device on a Glens Falls National ATM stealing information from people’s debit cards without them knowing.

So inconspicuous only a trained eye would spot it, a card skimmer that’s stealing your debit card’s information.

Police say four suspects were caught on camera installing on the ATM, leaving victims to discover a chunk of change missing from their accounts.

“My heart dropped that’s definitely not something you want to lose or especially have someone take from you,” Angelina Loubrial, a college student, said.

Loubrial learned the crooks tried to withdraw $500 from her account but the bank was able to cancel it.

The bank says “The bank has fully reimbursed customers who experienced fraud as a result of a skimming device that criminals placed and removed on our downtown Glens Falls ATM.”

In his 20 years with Glens Falls Police, Sgt. Peter Casertino has never come across a card skimming scheme, he calls it a sophisticated operation.

“It’s not one person in the videos, it’s at least four and that tells me that there is some sort of ring,” Casertino said.

Over the course of two weekends, the criminals used a skimmer to collect card information and a camera to record pin numbers as they were punched in. Both devices were barely noticeable.

“There’s something protruding out a little bit or there will be a line across where it’s reading the magnetic strip,” Casertino said.

Loubrial had no idea a simple withdrawal would put her bank account at risk.

“Nope just like a normal ATM so there was never an assumption in my mind that it would ever be me who it happened to,” Loubrial said.

She says she’ll be taking a closer look before using an ATM again. That’s something Sgt. Castertino says we all need to train ourselves to do.

“Unfortunately the world we live in today we all have to kind of look over our shoulders and be cautious on what’s going on or who is watching us,” Casertino said.

Law enforcement has been notified, and a notice was posted on the bank’s website. The bank has also notified customers it believes may have been affected. Those customers will be provided with new debit cards.

Any fraudulent transactions will also be fully refunded.

If you believe your debit card may have been impacted, contact the bank at (800) 246-2415.

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