People taking advantage of unseasonably warm weather by getting their cars washed

LATHAM, NY (NEWS10) – There’s nothing like having a clean car and with the sun out and weather in the 50s, many say it was the perfect day to get their car washed, especially after all the recent snowfall in the area and with a good-looking forecast in the days to come.

Cars filed into Hoffman’s Car wash in Latham all afternoon, getting vacuumed, rinsed, and dried off.

Drivers like Michael Stiffen watched it all, excited to end the day with a fresh clean vehicle.

“I think it just brings your spirits up. It’s sunny out. People are out. It’s Sunday, I don’t have to work or anything like that, everybody’s chilling, so why not get your car washed, right?”, said Stiffen.

While many enjoyed the weather today, don’t be fooled, winter is far from over. According to the groundhog, we still have four more weeks of it.

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