‘Golden Girls’-themed cafe opens in New York

NEW YORK (CNN) — “Golden Girls” fans now have the perfect place to gather and get a good meal.

A café celebrating the popular TV series is now open in New York City. Rue la Rue Café honors the legacy of actress Rue McClanahan. She played sassy Blanche Devereaux on the show.

The café is decorated with photos, memorabilia and wardrobe accessories from the actress’ estate The owner, Michael LaRue, was a close friend of McClanahan prior to her death in 2010.

“I have a lifetime of Rue’s recipes, but she would always mark who she got them from, so we’ve got Bea Arthur’s pasta salad, Betty White angel food cake, Estelle Getty’s chocolate chip cookies, Adrienne Barbeau’s dip,” LaRue said. “All of these people she worked with over the years we have recipes for, so we’re going to be running them as specials all the time.”

LaRue also manages McClanahan’s estate, which includes 220 “Golden Girls” pieces. He plans to rotate them throughout the café to be shared with the public.

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