6-year-old shares birthday gifts with patients in children’s hospital

MESA, Ariz. (KNXV) — Usually for your birthday, the focus is all on you, but a little girl with a big heart is giving back to the community.

A kid’s favorite toy can make their eyes light up with joy. Six-year-old Sophia Coy wants other kids to have that same feeling.

“Instead of a birthday, I want to give sick kids toys because I want them to feel better,” Coy said.

So she’s collecting toys to donate to kids at Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Coy knows Cardon Children’s very well, because she spent a lot of time there as a baby.

Krystyna coy / sophia’s mother

“When she was 2-weeks-old is when it first started, and we found her in her crib and she was not breathing,” Sophia’s mother, Krystyna Coy, said.

After that, her mom says Sophia was frequently in and out of the hospital for seizures and breathing problems.

“It was really rough because there’re so many monitors and they’re so little that it’s just like they’re covered in monitors,” Krystyna said.

Although Sophia can’t the cure kids’ sickness, she can help put a smile on their faces and she’s hoping the community will help.

“I think it’s very selfless and very big for a 6-year-old,” Krystyna said.

It’s a lesson in kindness that Sophia’s already learned and can teach others.

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