Some Hoosick Falls residents don’t believe they have ‘cleanest water in the entire nation’

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some people say they do trust the filtered water here in the village but others say they have concerns about other chemicals being in the water.

“The water in Hoosick Falls is non-detect. It is probably the cleanest water among the cleanest water in the state,” NY Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said.

NY DOH Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker discussing village water in Hoosick Falls that is filtered at the water plant here. According to state test results, the water is free of PFOA. Zucker went on to state that the water is likely even the cleanest in the U.S.

“It’s probably among the cleanest water in the entire nation.”

Those comments didn’t sit well with some village residents.

“No. I don’t believe it,” Gail Whitman-Buell said.

“I don’t believe it,” Rainy Chapko said.

Chapko and many others say they will continue to drink bottled water.

“I’m not drinking the tap water. I don’t trust it. Before we found out that there was something, they were telling us there was nothing wrong with it. So how can you believe them.”

Buell says her grandmother refuses to drink from the tap too.

“She drinks this water and we make her coffee with this water,” Buell said.

Although some disagree and tell me they do trust the filtered water.

“To live in Hoosick Falls at this point is probably one of the best things you can do because you’re guaranteed really good water,” Peggy Cottrell said.

Statement From NYS DOH:

“New York State has taken unprecedented action to secure clean drinking water for Hoosick Falls residents and the installation of the new water filtration system is perhaps one of the most important milestones in that effort. Our aggressive monitoring program of the water running through this system has consistently returned non-detect levels for PFOA and other contaminants and we remain fully committed to ensuring that continues.”

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