Momentive workers back on the job after 15-week strike

WATERFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After a 15-week strike, Momentive workers went back to work on Friday for their first shift.

On Tuesday, workers voted on a 28-page contract, and it was approved. One of the workers said over 500 people voted for it, and over 200 people voted against it.

Some said the contract still does not meet their standards, but it is a slight improvement to what they were initially offered. The head of the union said the base camps are empty and no protesters are in sight for the first time in over 100 days.

A lot of workers did not want to comment on camera, but the one who did said he’s happy the two sides finally reached a negotiation.

“I’m glad at least they talked about it before they just long lapsed and been negotiating, so once they start talking, we knew we had a shot,” Michael Courtwright said. “We weren’t going to get anywhere if nobody was talking.”

As they arrived for their 3 p.m. shift, workers picked up their benefit check at the union headquarters for being on strike.

Though they are back at the job, workers said there is still tension because of the turmoil the strike and negotiations caused.

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