Half-court shot marriage proposal at Siena goes viral

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – They got engaged in front of thousands, and now millions of people know their story.

Steve Duckett planned the proposal weeks ago.

What wasn’t part of his plan was for his fiancée to sink that half-court shot.

It’s a great story for their future kids, but the couple had no idea the entire country would be talking about this.

“Everyone was cheering as we walked in so it was a cool feeling,” Erin Tobin said.

Tobin and Duckett woke up engaged and all over the headlines.

“People are booking a cruise right now at Yankees Trails and they’re like you guys got engaged last night. And I’m like we did!” Erin said.

“Yeah and her sister left for a trip today and she was in the airport and overheard people talking about it,” Steve said.

Erin and her family are Siena alumni and avid basketball fans. He found a way to get her on the court, during a time out at Thursday night’s game.

“I got a phone call last week and they said congratulations you entered to win a contest to shoot the half-court shot at Siena game. I’m like, I did?” Erin said.

Steve disguised himself as a Dunkin Donuts mascot. Erin thought she was competing for a $500 gift card. Everything was going according to plan until Erin drains the half-court shot.

Steve only had 60 seconds to pop the question.

“When she won it she started running around. So I’m sitting there and thinking ‘Ok, so I’m on my knee in the middle of this place, and she’s running around. I couldn’t see her I didn’t even know where she was!’” Duckett said.

Once Erin sees the cup of coffee on one knee, she realizes what she really won is priceless.

“This is probably the greatest moment ever,” Erin said.

Duckett had one more surprise for Tobin that night.

He arranged to have about 50 friends and family members at the game.

You bet they all went out to celebrate Thursday night.

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