Crews worked to repair ruptured North Greenbush water main; boil water advisory in effect

NORTH GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A water main break in North Greenbush sent water gushing into the air in what some compared to a geyser.

The water main break occurred around 5 p.m. Friday on Glenmore Road by Route 4.

12 hours later, at about 5am Saturday, the leak was finally stopped.

“Kind of something new!” Christopher Regan said. “You know, you usually don’t see, you know, water blowing that hard up in the air.”

Regan lives up the road from where the break happened. He originally had plans to grab dinner until he passed the scene and saw a heavy amount of water pouring into the air and splattering cars nearby.

“With water blowing 60 ft. in the air, I would say, yeah, it would be the first time that I’ve seen a water main blow like this,” Regan said. “Usually, it’s more of a flowing river in a street.”

Police had Glenmore Road closed off within minutes. It created traffic chaos. Drivers found detours and were amazed at what was happening.

Crews said there was a rupture in the water main that pumps water from Troy to East Greenbush to Rensselaer. Commissioner of Public Works Scott Gallerie said the break could have been caused by frost.

“It appears as if it’s a lateral break or a crack, so I can’t tell you why, yet, until we excavate it,” he said. “But this is a very high pressure line, and it’s a 36 in. diameter line.”

Crews had the valves turned off late Friday evening and worked late into the nigh to excavate until they could put in a new pipe.

Gallerie said he’s only been on the job for six months, he has, yet, to see a water main break like the one in North Greenbush.

“This is interesting,” he said.

As the repairs continue, people in the area are advised to limit their use of water. The Rensselaer Police Department says a boil water advisory is effective immediately for the entire city of Rensselaer and East Greenbush until further notice. For further information on the advisory, you are advised to call the city of Rensselaer Water Department at 462-6466, or the police department at 462-7451.

There is not an exact time to when the water main will be fixed, but crews said they’re aiming to finish within 24 hours.

Glenmore Road was closed while crews worked but has since reopened.

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