Albany residents digging out ahead of snow emergency

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Many people were forced to dig out in Albany Monday morning.

Many roads won’t get plowed until Monday night when the city’s snow emergency takes effect.

Plows will get rid of snow piled on the odd side of streets.

All cars must be parked on the even side by 8 p.m. if they want to avoid a ticket and possibly getting towed.

Some cars are still buried after Sunday’s storm.

It surprised Sam Ayo, who moved here a couple of months ago for school.

“So I’ve heard about the Albany winters and the snow. It was not a joke. I thought people were exaggerating a little bit. This is not a game. This is serious. First major storm here so lesson learned,” Ayo said.

Many lessons learned last week, the city ticketed and towed cars that ignored snow emergency parking restrictions.

It goes back into effect Monday night.

For the next 24 hours, cars must park on the even side of the street.

“It usually fills up pretty quick. So I’ll likely have to park all the way down the street. Probably into a snowbank,” Thomas Lennon said.

Lennon is reluctant to give up his precious spot after digging out for 30 minutes.

He knows it’s the only way plows can clean up his narrow one-way street.

“It’s a lot of snow. It’s a lot to deal with. Really messing up people’s day but all we have to do is kind of deal with it for now.”

During a snow emergency, there is free parking in all city parking lots.

More information about the snow emergency.

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