Two people arrested after police search Saratoga home for possible drugs

Boice (L) and DiSanto (R)

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two people were arrested after police conducted a narcotics search warrant at an apartment in Saratoga Springs.

Crews arrived at 16 Cherry St. around 6 a.m. Friday. Men were seen coming in and out of the residence in white, hazmat suits and breathing apparatuses.

A white, powdered substance was found in the home that will require testing; however, police said the nature of the warrant led them to believe it may be fentanyl or heroin.

Two separate apartments are inside the home. The substance was found in both.

Police said the warrant was an isolated incident.

“I would be surprised if some of the other neighbors didn’t notice or see some unusual activity there at the house,” Saratoga Springs Police Lt. Robert Jillson said.

Michael Beames lives at the Saratoga Springs homeless shelter. He walks through Cherry Street often. He said he’s heard from others that suspicious activity takes place inside the home.

“Being right around the corner, it’s pretty creepy knowing that it’s right there and nobody knew about it until now,” he said.

Though he hasn’t lived in Saratoga Springs for too long, he still wouldn’t expect to see a raid in the city.

“It’s never been a bad street,” he said. “I come along this way all the time going to the library, and it’s always been quiet.”

Steven Boice, 28, of Saratoga Springs, and Brett DiSanto, 26, of Greenwich, were arrested. They were charged with felony drug possession charges and arraigned.

Police arrested two other people in a separate incident with unlawful possession of marijuana charges.

Police said the house is safe, and the investigation will be turned over to code enforcement. Police are working to identify the powdered substance.

Cherry Street reopened at 5 p.m. Police said the case may be bigger than it seems.

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