Mayor: 120 cars towed during Albany’s snow emergency

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The storm has come and gone but not without a lot of people getting ticketed for not following emergency protocol during the snow.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan spoke out on Friday to remind people what they need to do when a snow emergency is declared.

Dave Ciciora’s car, like so many others, was towed away overnight. It was parked on the odd side of the road when the snow emergency meant it should have been parked on the even side.

Cicora brought his ticket into Albany City Hall on Friday and he wasn’t alone.

We know that we experienced higher than average towing last night,” Mayor Sheehan said.

Yes, 120 cars towed and Mayor Sheehan says that’s about 20 cars more than usual. She’s blaming the increase on people being out of practice.

“Of course we haven’t had one in awhile. So we probably have some new residents who might not have been aware of the rules.”

Ciciora falls into that category. He’s new to the area and says there should be a hard-and-fast rule for snow emergencies. He says whenever they are more than two inches of snow so he doesn’t have to rely on the media.

“I don’t have cable and I actively don’t check the city of Albany or the media’s Pages on Facebook or Twitter.”

The snow emergency rules are posted on the city’s website and ours, but it’s not always as parking on the odd or even side of the street. There are 31 conflict streets where there are no addresses, making it impossible to know which side is which.

“We should be able to put signs on these streets that indicate that in a snow emergency, this is the odd side of the street.”

Each ticket will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Cicora ended up handing over $191 dollars with ticket and towing and learned a pricey lesson.

“I’ve already followed the city of Albany’s Facebook and Twitter so hopefully they’ll be sending me some updates.”

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