Honeywell to test soil inside Hoosick Falls homes after toxic chemicals found near facility

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People living in Hoosick Falls are no strangers to dealing with contamination in their water but what about their air?

New testing shows detected levels of potentially harmful compounds near a former manufacturing site.

More testing for harmful chemicals will be happening in this area where a manufacturing plant used to stand. Now people in Hoosick falls are wondering if they have to work on more than just their water.

A massive Honeywell plant used to stand here in the area of John and Lyman Streets. Now it’s several apartments.

“Is it something we need to worry about? Is it something that affects the people living there? Or lived there?” Loreen Hackett, resident, said.

Hackett has been outspoken throughout the PFOA crisis that has plagued Hoosick Falls.  She used to live near Honeywell plant and is worried about further contamination.

“I used to live where the testing has been found across the street from the plant while it was in operation back in the 90s.”

Under the instruction of the DEC and Department of Health, Honeywell conducted a soil vapor intrusion investigation at 10 locations near the former site.

“The preliminary work that was conducted out there involved the collection of soil samples, groundwater samples, so monitoring wells, surface water samples,” Mike Ryan, of the DEC, said.

Ryan with the DEC says that work detected levels of eight different volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

“Volatile compounds can work their way upward. They’re compounds that can work their way toward the surface.”

Hackett’s next concern?

“On the map that they provided on the village website there’s no numbers,” Hackett said. “I don’t know what the standard levels are supposed to be. What the exceeding levels are. We have no information other than they’re there.”

Ryan says exact numbers are coming and the DEC just wanted to get these initial results out to the public as soon as possible.

“They haven’t yet submitted a report yet. In fact, we expect a preliminary data report by Monday,” Ryan said. “Because they had that data, they alerted us to this issue and we instructed them to immediately pursue a soil vapor study.”

That study will test soil and air at 39 properties near the former Honeywell site.

The full site investigation report will be finished in March and Honeywell is responsible for any costs of all sampling, monitoring and mitigation efforts.

Hackett says she’s not going to overreact until she can do more research.

“I will go full in research mode to see if there’s things I need to know that haven’t been told to us yet,” Hackett said.

There’s a village meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening. People who live here are hoping to get more answers then.

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