Albany police officers under investigation after accusations of involvement in bar fight

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An internal investigation has been launched after two off-duty Albany police officers were involved inside a bar last week.

It’s all said to have happened inside a local bar. Patrons say they are concerned not only because of who was involved in the fight, but because of the proximity to the police station.

A spokesperson for Albany police confirms the two officers are part of an internal investigation after allegedly being part of a bar fight on Jan. 29. Patrons say they were surprised at the news.

“I mean it’s really sad, definitely disheartening,” said Saint Rose student, Marys Christie. “I really feel bad for the people involved. All the people involved.”

“It’s in a better neighborhood and the police station is right across the street,” said a regular patron, David Dames. “Like I said if a fight breaks out between police and patrons, the police have to protect and serve.”

The off-duty officers were involved in a physical altercation inside Junior’s Bar and Grill on Madison Avenue with other patrons.

“Usually it’s coming together for food and fellowship and good stuff like that,” Christie said. “It definitely, like, compromises the environment when people fight. No less, fight with people who are supposed to be protecting us.”

The officers’ names aren’t being released and it’s not clear exactly what happened, but those who frequent the bar are concerned.

“We need them,” Dames said. “We trust them to help us and we need them, and if we see particular police officers starting to fight and they come to our house, we’re liable to wonder what kind of mood they’re going to be in.”

Behavior like that is said to be uncommon at Junior’s.

“Nobody’s violent, I mean, I can’t really say anyone who has shown tendencies,” Christie said. “I mean there are people who are loud at the bar, but I don’t really drink.”

At this time the officers are not facing disciplinary measures, but the internal investigation is ongoing.

“More than likely, the police officers probably will get off in a warning,” Dames said. “I don’t think they’ll get in any trouble unless they’ve had past problems.”

Junior’s had no comment on the altercation.

“I probably won’t go in there actually for a while,” Christie said. “Maybe I’ll stay away from this strip and go somewhere different.”

Some security cameras can be seen from the outside of the bar but it is unclear yet if footage from those will be used in this internal investigation.

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