Local couple describes Louvre Paris attack

DELANSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local couple is home safe after a close encounter while traveling.

The Delanson pair was inside the Louvre when a man attacked guards there last week.

Lance and Wendy Manus arrived home safe Sunday night after a trip to Paris.

These are photos Wendy took from inside the Louvre where they were held as a terror attack.

Lance and Wendy had gone into the Louvre just 15 minutes before the attack happened outside.

“Five times we’ve been to Paris and we never got to the Louvre. So we said this time we’re going to do it,” Lance said.

They had out on headphones for an audio tour of the museum when they noticed something wasn’t right.

“There’s screaming going on the public address system in the museum,” Lance said.

“Agitated screaming,” Wendy said.

“They were speaking in very rapid French,” Lance said.

Before they knew it, they were ushered with a group of people into one of the museum’s display rooms.

“We thought we were being exited but all of a sudden we all came to a standstill and everybody started to bunch up and they got us into like two or three rooms.”

Lance, Wendy, and the others were held in the room for an hour with no information of what was happening from the museum guards.

“They did say there’s been an incident and were just going to hold you here until it’s safe to leave.”

Eventually, they were escorted out of the museum, which was packed with armed officers. They were led to gender separated lines where they were pat down. Eventually, they were led outside where the police presence was even larger.

“They completely surrounded it and blocked off all the roads. The roads on both sides there was no traffic and they had them completely taped off,” Lance said.

Lance and Wendy were interviewed almost immediately about their experience but didn’t know the extent of what had happened.

“So we walk down to a cafe and were sitting in the cafe and it was in the news,” Wendy said.

The Manus’ are no strangers to terror attacks.

“I know when 9/11 happened my daughter was scheduled to fly out of Boston on the plane that hit the tower. And I was working at the time and I was frantic,” Wendy said.

They called their family back here in the states as soon as they could.

“I remember that feeling and I said oh I don’t want them to go through that.”

They’re thankful for the quick work of the guards in and outside of the Louvre and hope these scary situations don’t deter people from seeing the world.

“Don’t be scared to travel,” Wendy said.

Lance and Wendy have still yet to actually spend time looking at the art within the Louvre.

They were given complimentary passes for the next visit and say they do plan to return.

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