Local fans prepare for ‘Super’ parties

CLIFTON PARK, NY (NEWS10) – Okay we all know the Super bowl is really all about the food. What do you do when these parties end and you still have all kinds of leftovers?

Yeah yeah, I know, there’s some sort of football game going on today. But let’s be real, today is really about enjoying good grub.

“Crazy, lots of people coming in and out. A lot of people getting burgers, wings, steaks are flying,” said David MacVane, co-owner of Fred the Butcher.

That means good business for places like Fred the Butcher in Clifton Park.

But let’s say you stock up on food and after the game ends, you still have way more than you can handle. What’s your game plan?

Co-owner David MacVane says you gotta get creative.

“We make meatballs out of them, lasagna,” said MacVane.

Or if you can, store it and save it for your next big get together.

Speaking of get together, Audrey Guyatte always watches the game with her family.

“I feel like it brings people together and have a good time,’ said Guyatte.

That includes her brother Doyle. Although, they aren’t seeing eye to eye on this year’s matchup.

Who you rooting for? “Um, the Patriots this time”, said Guyatte.

“Go Atlanta today.”

And then there’s Maureen Flynn. She’ll be watching too, but not for the game.

“I don’t really follow football, but Super Bowls you watch for the commercials and to be with friends and family and, you know, party,” said Flynn.

Now that’s the spirit. She’s looking forward to halftime with Lady Gaga too.

But nothing will beat her favorite halftime performer.

“Bruce Springsteen… yes.”

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