Local boy battling cancer receives dream vacation to Disney World

GREEN ISLAND, NY (NEWS10) – It was an early morning for a Green Island community but it was well worth the chilly wait for a big surprise that was in store.

9-year-old Kamdon Wert, realizing his dream was coming true, is going to Disney World, and his smile said it all. Friends and family say they wouldn’t miss the chance to make the sendoff special.

“Kamdon and his family have had quite a year and we’re all happy to be here and send him off in style,” said Ashley Carr, who organized the sendoff party.

Kamdon even got to meet Mickey and Minnie before riding off into a limo to the airport. It was all made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Kamdon has a rare form of cancer, and he’s undergone three surgeries, seven weeks of radiation, and 42 weeks of chemotherapy.

But as the family was set to take off on their dream vacation all that faded away.

“Catch a break and just go and forget everything,” said Krystal Hartley.

Mom Krystal, and dad Jason, along with sisters Juliana and Kinsley, were ready for an escape. Kamden is looking forward to the rides.

“Tower of Terror on Disney yeah”, said Kamden.

And the family said they’re grateful to a community that stood behind them through the tough times.

“They’ve been by our side 100 percent the whole way through and just to see everyone come out and show their love on an early Saturday morning it was nice,” said Krystal Hartley.

“It was surprising, it was really fun,” said Kamdon.

And there was one more surprise for Kamdon.

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