You could have this condition if you hate certain sounds

NEW CASTLE, ENGLAND (NEWS10) – If the sound of someone clicking their pen or eating their food stresses you out, you’re not alone.

Researchers at Newcastle University found people suffering from misophonia, a disorder where certain sounds are unbearable, have changes in the brain’s frontal lobe and brain activity. This causes the brain to go into overdrive.

The engaging noises, called “trigger sounds”, can cause an immediate and intense flight or fight response.

Researchers say they found that trigger sounds evoked a heightened physiological response with increased heart rate and sweating.

“Patients with misophonia had strikingly similar clinical features and yet the syndrome is not recognized in any of the current clinical diagnostic schemes,” Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar, from the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University, said.

The study was published in Current Biology.

Test yourself by listening to the following sounds:

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