Official: Guards taken hostage by inmates at Delaware prison

Credit: Pixabay

DOVER, Del. (AP) – Delaware prisons have been put on lockdown following a reported hostage taking at the state’s maximum security facility.

An attorney for the union representing guards at a Delaware prison says at least four guards and one counselor have been taken hostage by inmates.

Bruce Rogers, counsel for the Correctional Officers Association of Delaware, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the inmates had taken control of one building at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center and injuries to both officers and inmates have been reported. He said the building under inmate control houses between 120-150 people.

Rogers says there’s been very little communication between the inmates and people outside the building. He says no demands have been communicated to the union.

The state Department of Corrections has released few details about the situation at the prison in Smyrna. All prisons statewide are on lockdown, per DOC policy. Rogers said he’d been briefed on the situation by the union president, who was talking to officials at the scene.

The prison is Delaware’s largest correctional facility for men, housing about 2,500 inmates.

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