New Siena Poll: New Yorkers support most of Gov Cuomo’s 2017 budget proposals

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Siena College Research institute has a new poll out Monday morning, letting New Yorkers weigh in on big issues facing New York State. The poll asks questions ranging from Governor Cuomo’s leadership and budget proposals, to expectations for President Donald Trump.

According to the poll, many of Governor Cuomo’s recent budget proposals enjoy wide support.

New Yorkers support Governor Cuomo’s proposal to make college tuition free at SUNY and CUNY for New York families making less than $125,000, 60% to 37%.

The creation of a $2 billion clean water infrastructure act enjoys wide bipartisan support, 89% to 8%.

Allowing ride sharing services like UBER and LYFT to operate across NYS, as they do now in NYC is supported 77% to 15%.

New Yorker’s also approved of giving preference in state purchases to American-made goods, allowing ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft to operate across the state, and extending the millionaire’s tax, which even has the support of 61 percent of Republicans.

There is also bipartisan support for the middle class child care tax credit, renovating JFK Airport, and constitutional amendments to limit state legislators’ outside income and implement term limits.

New Yorkers approve of Governor Cuomo himself 56% to 37%.

Nationally, New Yorkers disapprove of President Trump 37% to 55%. President Trump’s message did seem to find support among New Yorkers in several areas.

New Yorkers think President Trump will make America better through his infrastructure policies and his policies dealing with the relationship between the United States and Russia.

On seven other issues, New Yorkers think he will make America worse, including large majorities when it comes to the environment and race relations.

For the full Siena College survey visit:—Huge-Support-for–2B-Clean-Water-Act–Buy-American–Uber-Lyft—Millionaire-s-Tax-Exte.html?soid=1121049327817&aid=dVt5oOlfiW4

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