Fatal car crash victim steals Good Samaritan’s car, drives it into home in Denver, CO

DENVER, CO (KDTV) — Standing by the damaged piles of brick and mortar, Jeff says it’s probably good no one was home that night.

“Yeah, I’m kind of glad I wasn’t here because I don’t know if I would like to wake up, you know, at 2:30 in the morning to a naked guy in a Cadillac parked right outside my window,” Jeff said.

The Cadillac came to a rest when police had to pull a ‘pit maneuver’ forcing the driver to crash.

“If he didn’t hit that, he would’ve ended up through the window,” Jeff said.

The driver was a suspect in a deadly wreck at 74th and York. He stole the Cadillac when a Good Samaritan stopped to help him seeing him bloody and bruised.

“Basically, I stopped at a red light and I’m hearing a voice, I kept hearing somebody yell like, ‘help,’ and stuff,” Reno Abram said.

Abram says the man got into car, saying the woman was dead inside the jeep that was on its side in Clear Creek.

“He was all bloody, he was all messed up and stuff, like he needed help,” Abram said.

Reno took his keys and got out of the car to check on her.

“He called me back in, saying, ‘come back in, I’m cold, can you please turn on the heat?” Abram said.

Abram did but again got out when police arrived.

“I look over and my car is driving away,” Abram said.

His car was stolen, totaled and now he’s with no way to get around.

“I just can’t be mad about it honestly, I’m alive, it’s just a car and I can get another car,” Abram said.

Abram’s only concern is how someone could leave their female companion for dead.

“It seemed like he didn’t really care,” Abram said.

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