Police: UAlbany student reports man touching her leg while she slept

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The University at Albany police are investigating an incident where a female student reported waking up to find a man touching her leg while she slept.

The victim said the incident happened around 3 a.m. inside her dorm room on Alumni Quad.

When she woke up, she said she yelled, and the man fled. The man had been sitting on the floor by her bed and was reportedly wearing dark clothing.

The victim said she doesn’t know who the man is.

“I would feel bothered; I’d feel disgusted,” junior Amanda Testa said.

Testa lives at Waterbury Hall. She said there have been several times where people forget their keys and end up going inside with other students who do have access.

“A lot of people are really gullible if you forgot your key or not,” she said. “So they’ll just swipe you in.”

University police bumped up their patrols in response. They remind students to reach out to them if they see violence, to always keep doors locked, and to never allow anyone into a dorm if they don’t have a card to swipe.

“I do try to, you know, try to be smart,” junior Kiamba Doyling said. “Like lock your door; check your door and stuff like that.”

Doyling said the incident is not the first time something similar has happened on campus.

“Once or twice a year, you always get an email like, ‘Oh, watch out. There’s somebody; there was an incident,’ this, that and the other.”

University police are still investigating. Anyone with information should call the police.

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