Wintry mix makes for slippery road conditions in Capital Region

WESTERLO, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Rain, sleet, snow and ice made for slippery roads and potentially dangerous driving conditions.

The messy conditions were evident in Westerlo. Melody Rebeor’s car was stuck in her driveway Tuesday evening.

“You can predict snow, but the ice, you just have no control over,” she said.

Rebeor has lived in Westerlo her entire life.

“We’re used to this,” she said. “I’ve been in the hill towns for my whole life, so this is nothing for us.”

Instead of being anxious about weather, it’s important to be ready. But Tuesday’s weather was especially tricky. A combination of snow and freezing rain made it tough to drive and frustrating to deal with.

“I’d rather have snow; I’d rather have three feet worth of snow than this ice,” Rebeor said. “Then we have to deal with the power outages and the generator and everything up here, so it’s easier if it’s just snow.”

Shawn Riley agrees. He lives around the corner from Rebeor.

“The ice is the worst,” he said. “I’d rather deal with a foot of snow. Ice is just so hard to remove and drive on. This morning it was treacherous.”

Riley is a truck driver, so when the roads get rough, he doesn’t panic.

“Take it easy and slow,” he said. “It’s a messy commute. It’s bad.”

But what’s the number one piece of advice from people in Westerlo?

“Stay home,” Rebeor said. “If you can get in your driveway, put it there and stay there.”

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