Police investigating possible animal abuse after dog found with neck laceration

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Colonie Police say they have located the owner of the dogs in a possible animal abuse case.

Police are investigating possible animal abuse after a motorist found two dogs running loose in a field adjacent to Ann Lee Pond on Watervliet Shaker Road.

Police say the owner lives in Schenectady and has been interviewed. They say she claims the dogs were stolen from her apartment last week.

“There did not appear to be any vehicles in the parking area or anyone who was watching the dogs, so he stopped,” Colonie police Lt. Robert Winn said.

Police said a male pit bull was found to have an approximately 6″ long deep laceration to his neck and the wound was infected. The female dog was found to be underweight and had some skin and coat conditions.

The pit bulls are being cared for at a local animal hospital.

“The vet has indicated that the wound appears to be intentionally inflicted,” Winn said. “It is approximately a six-inch slit to the throat that had been in the process of healing, however, got infected.”

Police said it’s unknown where the dogs were possibly mistreated or where they are living.

“The abuse that we typically investigate in our town is more on the neglect side where they’re not being fed, they are not being groomed properly, they don’t have proper shelter,” Winn said.

Anyone with information about the dogs is still asked to contact the Colonie Police Department at (518) 783-2744.

“If anybody recognizes the dog or the wound on the dog sounds familiar or maybe they have some knowledge about what could have happened, we would love to hear from them,” Winn said.

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