Momentive workers take strike to CEO’s neighborhood

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Workers at Momentive chemical plant in Waterford boarded a bus Monday to pay their boss’s neighborhood a visit.

For nearly three months, Momentive workers have been on strike. They claim the company is threatening their wages, healthcare and pensions.

By traveling to CEO Jack Boss’s neighborhood, they hope to gain the support of his neighbors.

“I think it’s a little more pressure from his peers to do the right thing, morally the right thing, and to give his workers good healthcare,” Darryl Houshower, Vice President of Local 81359, said. “This is a chemical factory, and we work with a lot of dangerous things. There are illnesses that come from this stuff, and we need healthcare.”

About 50 workers made it to Boss’s neighborhood. They walked in groups while carrying candles and signs.

The workers went door-to-door and passed out information flyers. Police were out as a precaution, and they did have to break up one argument between a picketer and a neighbor.

The workers have been on strike for close to three months, and they hope their latest push will get results.

“We’re just encouraging Jack Boss to come out and come to the table with something that might pass,” Walt Lynds said. “Stop coming back with these regressive contracts; stop the union busting.”

“We want to go back to work,” Tom Butler said. “We don’t want to be outside every day picketing. We just want something that’s fair.”

Momentive said it’s offering a contract that’s in line with other plants across the country.

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