Mother accused of breaking her 9-week-old baby’s arm, leg

WATERFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police arrested mother accused of abusing her 9-week-old baby.

Police say hospital staff called them on Sunday when the baby’s mother brought him there.

“We are the advocate for the child. The child can’t get up. A nine week old can’t get up and say this is what happened officer,” John Tanchak, Waterford Public Safety Commissioner, said.

Tanchak says his officers became the voice for this woman’s infant. Waterford police say 27-year-old Ashley Howlan severely injured her own son while at her home at 25 4th Street in Waterford.

Howlan is accused of breaking her 9-week-old son’s arm. Police say Howlan brought the baby to a local hospital the same day and Tanchak says more injuries were later discovered.

“The child was actually admitted that evening and there were tests done the following morning which they then found a broken leg.”

In a statement given by Howlan’s boyfriend, who is not the baby’s father, he says on Sunday afternoon Howlan “wasn’t in a good mood” because her back was hurting and because he was leaving her for the day. He says he was in the kitchen and heard the baby suddenly start crying. He says Howlan yelled out that something was wrong with the baby’s arm and her boyfriend says he could tell right away that the 9 week old’s left arm was broken.

“Parents get frustrated with especially infants. The crying, the constant feeding, loss of sleep and sometimes, which is probably the case here, they take it out on the child.”

Howlan was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

“A case like this is a tough case. It’s tough on me. It’s tough on the officers,” Tanchak said. “Nobody wants to see that but unfortunately it continues. You know perhaps maybe there’s some people in this world that maybe shouldn’t be parents.”

Howlan was released on $2,500 dollars bail. Police say her baby was placed in the care of grandparents.

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