Local mosque receives letter of support ahead of Trump inauguration

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Back in the Capital Region, people are taking a more peaceful and positive approach to the Trump administration.

Some local people are trying to bring their community closer together and support minority groups that may feel alone at this time.

A letter and a postcard was sent to the Masjid an Nabawi Mosque in Schenectady ahead of Inauguration Day.

“To our Muslim brothers and sisters at Masjid an Nabawi, we stand with you.”

That was just part of a letter to a Mosque in Schenectady following the election of Donald Trump.

“We stand with you. Yep. Yep. It says it all.”

Lynell Engelmyer helped write the simple but profound message on a postcard also sent to the mosque.

“I think there are a lot of people who belong to groups that are feeling very marginalized,” Engelmyer said.

She wanted to make sure members of the Mosque didn’t feel alone.

“Our faith doesn’t rest in who is in the White House.”

In Friday’s prayer service, it was clear members there felt the support.

“It is very awesome. I really think without the community were not really that strong,” Mustapha Baccouche, a member, said.

“I feel very excited and we are very happy and we are very thankful for having such a great community around us,” Taslim Yousaf, a member said.

They realize the animosity that could come out of Trump’s presidency.

“It’s a tough time. It’s a tough time for all kinds of minorities in this country.”

Some are optimistic when thinking about the next four years.

“Very hopeful. All presidents they talk, but usually, they come and do the best for this country,” Baccouche said.

Engelmyer says she hopes the words of support can spread further than the Capital Region.

“We’re never all going to agree,” Engelmyer said, “We’re never all going to be on the same page. But that doesn’t mean we can’t treat each other with respect and dignity.”

She also hopes that everyone can remember to live by two simple words.

“Be kind. I think the world is a much nicer place when we’re just kind to each other.”

These letters serving as a reminder about how important it is to come together as a community.

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