Clifton Plaza Barber Shop celebrates Trump inauguration

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  A barber shop celebrated the inauguration with some champagne on Friday. The owner says he’s excited about what a Donald Trump presidency could mean for his small business.

The Clifton Plaza Barber Shop has been around for a half-a-century but owner Steve Schaszberger is welcoming in a new era.

“With the new president, we get a new chance and opportunity to start afresh,” Schaszberger said. “It’s really about unifying the country get the people behind the public services and get things going in the right direction again.”

Live coverage of Donald Trump’s inauguration played on a small television as Steve cloaks his customers in stars and stripes.

“The barber shop’s colors are red, white and blue, like on the pole, and we’ve always felt that we’ve had patriotic roots.”

Many of Steve’s customers are members of the military and police officers. He likes to say he caters to mainstream America.

“It’s the pulse and the heartbeat of what’s going on nationally, at a local level but still nationally.”

It’s a small cross-section of the community. Jospech Betz, whose been a customer for 35 years was not rooting for Donald Trump.

“I’m keeping an open mind I guess, at this point, you have to.”

Joe Sisson is happy to be leaving with a new look for a new day.

“I’m looking forward to change he’s the right man at the right time.”

Steve has high hopes that a fresh start will mean good things for his old-school barber shop.

“A small business is usually considered 100, 50 employees, but we got 6 so it would be nice that we get some help. I think that’s really grassroots America.”

Steve wants to make sure that everyone, of any political leaning, is welcome to come get their hair cut at his shop.

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