YouTube stunt lands kid in hospital with severe burns

BOSTON (WMUR) — “I heard just god awful blood-curdling cries and screams,” Tashia Ditucci recalled.

Ditucci recalls being woken up early Monday morning.

“My son came downstairs and he was just really red,” Ditucci said. “You could see burns all over him.”

Her 8-year-old son, James, suffered second-degree burns to 15 percent of his body during a sleepover with his 10-year-old brother and cousin. Ditucci says they watched a YouTube video where someone covers their hands in sanitizer, and lights them on fire.

The sanitizer got on her son’s shirt and the fire quickly spread.

“They don’t get to see the aftereffects of what may happen, you know, if it should go wrong, and now my son is an example of what can and will go wrong,” Ditucci said.

The older boys quickly put the fire out. Now, Ditucci wants other parents to talk to their kids about safety when it comes to what they see online.

“Alcohol burns blue and the purer it is, it would get even clearer or you might not see it at all,” Merrimack Fire Assistant Chief said.

The fire assistant chief watched videos like the one the boys saw. He says what happened to James could have been much worse.

“Some of the videos we watched, shaking it, you could spread that if you’re inside,” the fire assistant chief said.

James is being treated at a Boston hospital. Ditucci says doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

“They said if my son was on fire for another minute, he would’ve been dead,” Ditucci said. “It would’ve smothered his lungs and he wouldn’t have made it.”

Ditucci hopes James will be able to come home to New Hampshire soon to be reunited with his brother, but says it will take a long time for all of them to heal.

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