Public safety meeting held in Arlington, VT regarding recent crime

ARLINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — A community meeting was held in a small Vermont town after an uptick in serious crimes.

“What this was, was really kind of a wake-up call for all of us,” Rev. Kathy Clark, of Federated Church of East Arlington, said.

Members of the small, close-knit town of Arlington feel uneasy after recent break-ins and the murder of 81-year-old Helen Jones.

Some are sharing their concerns with Clark.

“For some folks, they just need an opportunity to express that fear, and that’s part of the role of a pastor is to listen,” she said.

Clark organized the meeting, and Vermont State Police were also in attendance. They advised people to lock their homes, cars and install alarm systems. They also recommended people have a landline phone in case bad cell service prevents someone from calling 911.

But Sandra Preble didn’t wait for Thursday’s meeting to take safety measures. She installed an alarm system at her home last week.

“You know I feel better,” she said. “I sleep better at night because it’s working.”

Lt. Thomas McCoy with the Shaftsbury Barracks said there have been seven burglaries this year compared to 18 in 2013.

“Being visible, as far as troopers go, is the best thing we can do to get involved with the children in the school systems,” he said.

Parents also expressed concerns about their children, especially when they walk to and from school.

“Mainly just never knowing when somebody is going to come in your house,” Heather Legacy said. “I have kids that walk through town. We’ve put a stop to that.”

“We don’t know how to protect ourselves,” Margot Page said. “We don’t know what’s going on, and so we’re frightened.”

Police said Jones’s homicide is still under investigation. They’re pushing the message “See something, Say something.”


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