Albany Native Dion Lewis, Patriots Prepare for AFC Championship Game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass (NEWS10) – When you have a performance like New England Patriots running back Dion Lewis had last week, it can be a good and a bad thing.

The good: Lewis made history and burst onto the national spotlight.

The bad: Now Lewis and the Patriots have nowhere to hide.

In his first career playoff game, Albany native Dion Lewis become the first player in NFL postseason history to have rushing, receiving, and kickoff return touchdowns.

“Last week he made a lot of big plays for us,” said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

But in the same game, Lewis had a costly fumble.

“I just got to protect it a little bit better,” said Brady. “I’ll get it fixed.”

Lewis’ teammates, specifically Brady are banking on Lewis working it out.

“He’s just a very dependable, consistent player for us,” said Brady. “And we’ll need that this week.”

“I think everybody at this time of year wants to put their very best out there, and this is what we play for,” said coach Bill Belichick. “We worked all year for this, to get to this position. We’ll put everything we got into it.”

That should mean a heavy dose for Lewis. Since he joined the organization in 2015 the patriots are a perfect 14-0 when he plays, something Dion was pleasantly surprised to learn and quick to deflect.

“We got a lot of great players, so I’m not the only reason that’s like that,” said Lewis. “It just happens to be that way. But we got a great team, great coaches and everybody works hard. So that’s not because of me.”

When asked what it would mean personally to win, Lewis said it would mean a lot.

“Just to be out here and help my teammates win,” said Lewis, “Everybody here works so hard so we’re real focused and we know what we have to do.”

Now Dion says it hasn’t hit him that he’s one step away from Super Bowl 51. He’s just taking it day-by-day, and getting himself mentally focused and physically ready to play on Sunday.

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