Man sentenced to 15 years for baseball bat assault in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local man will spend 15 years behind bars for brutally beating another man with a wooden baseball bat.

Derek Coppins, 41, stood before judge Peter Lynch in an Albany County courtroom Tuesday morning.

The assault happened in January of last year on Raymo Street in the city of Albany.

In November, a jury found him guilty on all counts which include two violent felonies for assault and tampering with a witness.

The victim’s attorney read a victim impact statement on his client’s behalf who claims this was all over a woman they were both seeing.

“I saw the hate in your eyes that you have for me, why? You don’t even know me, nor did you try to. You’re a coward sneaking up from behind over a woman that doesn’t even want you. We are still together. We could have sat down and had a roundtable discussion like men,” Dennis DiBari, Albany County Asst. District Attorney, read on behalf of his client. “My heart won’t let me forgive you because my children would have been crushed if this was worse.”

Prosecutors say the victim was beaten so badly that he needed a metal plate put in his arm and still gets migraines from the severe head injuries he suffered that night.

The restitution hearing to settle who will cover the cost of the $3,700 in medical bills is set to happen on Thursday.

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