Jury finds Greenfield man guilty on six counts in horse abuse case

GREENFIELD, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Saratoga County man was found guilty on six counts of Animal Neglect.

Duane Carpenter was charged with 12 counts of Animal Neglect. He’s accused of failing to provide proper care to 12 horses on his property in the town of Greenfield.

At first, the jury could not come to a decision, but they found him guilty on six counts after they went back and deliberated some more.

“This day in age, there shouldn’t be this kind of suffering,” neighbor Lisa Giordano said. “We know very well how horses need to be taken care of, and if we don’t speak out, who will?”

Giordano was brought to tears. She said she lost hope that justice would be served for the alleged neglect of the horses on Carpenter’s property.

Carpenter was previously convicted of two other animal cruelty charges. The former owner of the horses, his sister Ann Arnold, was convicted of abusing more than 12 horses. She was arrested in June involving the care of a horse in Fultonville.

The horses were removed from the Greenfield property in 2015.

On Tuesday, the jury found Carpenter guilty of six out of the 12 counts against him for failure to provide proper care. His attorney said it was a compromised jury, but the judge denied the motion.

“Well, sure, it’s an obvious win,” Carpenter said. “It’s the same exact evidence for all 12 counts. Obviously, I can’t be guilty of six and not six, so this verdict is going to be thrown out. There’s no question about it.”

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