1/17 Pet Connection: Ron

Ron is a great cat who had a rough start in life. He was born on the street and was very bonded to his mother who died when he was just a year old. He still misses her, but he’s made lots of progress. He’s nearly 4 years old now, and he’s a happy little guy. Ron has some genetic abnormalities, but they don’t cause him any problems. His legs are short and his front paws are bowed in like a bulldog. He can’t retract his front claws and his inner eyelids blink upwards! Other than looking a bit silly when he runs, Ron is a normal cat who just can’t jump quite as high as most. On the plus side, he rarely jumps up on the kitchen counters because they’re too high.

He’s not thrilled about being picked up, but he likes laps just fine. He loves to be cuddled and scratched, especially under his chin. He is fearful of aggressive cats, even if they only want to play with him, but he likes to sleep cuddled up with friendly felines. He LOVES catnip, and makes the most adorable trilling sounds when he’s “stoned”. Ron would be happiest in a quiet household. He likes to curl up on the windowsill and watch the birds and squirrels outside. He likes to explore and will walk on a harness and leash. Ron needs a safe, calm, forever home. He would be the perfect companion for a retired person or couple, as long as they have catnip!

Kitten Angels 518-573-9906

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