Hundreds honor Martin Luther King Jr. at Empire State Plaza event

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People across the nation are celebrating the legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

In New York, hundreds gathered at the capitol to reconnect with Dr. King’s

“I think he would say we’ve come a long way but the fight continues and one reason we’re here is to hopefully keep the dream alive,” John Scott, Co-founder of 4th Family Inc., said.

The monument of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. towered over dozens of people in Albany’s Lincoln Park.

“If he was alive today, I think he would say that we are stronger together and when everybody is at the table, what we can accomplish, the sky is the limit,” Owusu Anane, of Albany, said.

The celebration of Dr. King’s legacy begins with performances by award-winning musicians.

Their songs reminding people of the political, social, and economic equality Dr. King fought for nearly five decades ago.

“It drives me. it makes me feel the passion for coming back home and building these programs,” Jahkeen Hoke, Co-founder, said.

As people marched through Albany, some are anxious about the country’s future. They remember how Dr. King was able to see past hatred and fear and bring unity to a divided nation.

“Here we have hope, and the message is that we’ve been through worst things before and we continue to succeed, pull together, and we have to do that now,” Dr. Brenda Robinson, Chair of Albany’s Commission on Human Rights, said.

Activities continue throughout the day to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King.

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