Two ten-year-old girls discover they had a twin sister living across the country

(ABC News) — An incredible story: What if one day you woke up and found out you had a twin?

Two ten-year-old girls got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered they had a twin sister living across the country.

Audrey and Gracie were separated at birth. It’s a story of two families miles apart with the same dream: To adopt a new baby.

Jennifer and Thomas Doering of Wisconsin were already the parents of three boys.

“Just felt like we weren’t complete,” Jennifer said. “Really would love to have a daughter and finally decided to go through adoption.”

Meanwhile in Washington State, Nicole Rainsberry and her husband Scott were also hoping to expand their family.

“I’ve always thought about adoption,” Scott said.

“After we had our surprise third child, we decided to have a fourth and adoption seemed like a great way to add to our family,” Nicole explained.

Both families were looking abroad for their future child, and even were open to taking a child with special needs.

Their search lead them both to China.

In July 2007, the Rainsberry’s united with their daughter Gracie who has a heart condition.

“It was pretty overwhelming to find out that, yeah, she was really sick,” Nicole said.

The Doering’s met with their daughter, 15-month-old Audrey, in August of 2007, who also coincidentally has a heart condition.

“We knew she was small, and we knew she was very frail and they told us, actually, at 15-months-old, she didn’t walk yet,” Jennifer said.

The girls arrived in the United States with their new families with Gracie undergoing two heart surgeries and Audrey undergoing one as well.

Last month, Jennifer became curious about her daughter Audrey’s past.

With the help of a Chinese researcher, she discovered a photo.

It shows Audrey on her Chinese foster mother’s knee with another baby who looks just like her.

“Oh, it was unbelievable,” Jennifer said. “I’m like, ‘how?’ I mean, this is stuff you read about and how could it really be that there are two of them? As soon as I had that picture, I was desperate to find out who that other child was.”

Jennifer, with the help of Facebook, eventually finds Nicole Rainsberry and little Gracie.

“It’s the craziest thing in the whole wide world to look at your child exactly,” Jennifer said. “I mean, everything was the same. The same hair, the same glasses, the same outfits, and that was the moment I knew that they were the same.”

“It was so crazy to be looking at what looked like Gracie, but knowing that it wasn’t Gracie,” Nicole said. “It’s just surreal. I mean, it’s hard to process that information.”

Now, the twin girls came face to face for the first time.

Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry warmed the hearts of millions after they reunited for the first time Wednesday on “Good Morning America.”

The video of the identical ten-year-old girls tearfully embracing was viewed 11 million times on Facebook.

“I am so amazed that so many people have watched it,” Jennifer told ABC News. “I am so glad we are able to share this with others. For us, it’s amazing. There’s been an outpouring of true love for our family.”

Shortly after the meeting, Gracie said she was feeling excited and happy.

“It’s very overwhelming,” she said.

Audrey said, “It felt like there was somebody missing. Now, it’s complete.”

Jennifer said the heartfelt moment almost “didn’t feel real.”

“I was similar to them, overwhelmed,” Jennifer said. “I [was] so happy that they were together, finally.”

After their appearance on the show, the two families saw “School of Rock” on Broadway, visited the bright lights of Times Square and enjoyed dinner at Planet Hollywood.

The night ended with a hotel sleepover party between Audrey, Gracie and Gracie’s older sister Chloe, 13.

“They really do have similar interests and tastes in a lot of stuff they do,” Jennifer said. “As we go on we’ll see it more and more. It’s like someone you’ve always known and they go right together.”

The Doerings and Rainsberrys will vacation in San Diego together in March and have the girls visit one another over the summer, Jennifer said.

A friend of the Doering family set up a GoFundMe page on behalf of both families. The money raised will go towards travel expenses so the girls can continue to see each other.

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