Thieves crawl through doggy door, caught on camera

PEORIA, AZ (KNXV) — Thieves broke into an Arizona home by entering through the doggy door and it was all caught on camera.

“They knew exactly what to look for, where to go and what to take,” the homeowner said.

Thousands of dollar’s worth of electronics is gone, but thanks to all the cameras surrounding this property, this crime was caught on camera from every angle.

First you see the thieves backing in right into his driveway, then a man scaling the wall. He actually pauses, reaches into his pocket and waits for the family dog. Armed with treats for the pet, he makes his way into the house through the small doggy door. It takes him seconds to squeeze in.

In just a few minutes, he is able to get what he wants and out front, a woman is waiting for him. The homeowner believes he knows this woman.

“Me leaving the house was planned,” the homeowner said. “They were driving around before I even left.”

It takes the thieves minutes to load up the car and they’re gone, leaving the front door open, and the family dog left outside wandering the streets.

Peoria police are still looking for the two suspects.


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