Saratoga High School warns parents about Instagram account with Neo-Nazi imagery

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Saratoga Springs School District sent a letter to parents warning them about an Instagram account making references to neo-Nazis.

Officials say the Instagram account goes by the name “SHS4R”, which the page says stands for “Saratoga High School Fourth Reich.” According to the page, SHS4R is a group of people who believe in similar political values.

The page says some people consider them to be neo-Nazis and encourages Saratoga students to follow the page and figure out who its members are. The page claims that as soon as one of the group’s members is identified the page will be deleted.

The Saratoga Springs High School sent a letter out to parents making it clear the school is not affiliated with the account and asking parents to talk to their children about celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

The district says any student involved in the page may face disciplinary action and criminal prosecution.

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