CVS cuts costs for generic EpiPen competitor

(CNN) — CVS says it will cut the price of a generic version of the EpiPen allergy treatment.

The drug store chain says it will sell a two-pack of a new generic called Adrenaclick for $109.99. That’s down from a previous price of $200.

Adrenaclick is made by Impax laboratories. The drug company that manufactures the EpiPen came under fire last year after raising its price to more than $600 for a two-pack. Mylan later said it would sell its own generic version for half that price.

Both Adrenaclick and EpiPen give an emergency injection of the drug epinephrine to treat a life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock.

Most at-risk patients always carry two of the pens in case one fails or isn’t enough to stop the reaction.

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