Police seek information in East Greenbush vehicle larcenies

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State Police are investigating a number of larcenies from motor vehicles in East Greenbush.

Police said the larcenies occurred between 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on January 7 in neighborhoods off Third Avenue Extension. This includes neighborhoods in and around Plaza Avenue, Rockefeller Boulevard, Cedar Crest Drive, Eddy Lane, Malibu Hill, Hillcrest Drive, Pauline Court, and the streets off of those entry roads.

Casey Caldwell lives on Rockefeller Boulevard. She found her car in a mess a few weeks ago.

“The visors were all down; the center console was open; the glovebox was all gone through,” she explained.

Thankfully, she didn’t have anything valuable inside.

“It was just scary knowing that somebody was outside in my driveway in my car while we were all sleeping inside,” she said.

It’s a feeling many in Caldwell’s neighborhood are having.

“Any time anybody enters your personal space, you know, you may feel like a victim,” Zane DeJoseph, who lives on Plaza Avenue, said.

DeJoseph wasn’t a victim during the most recent rash of larcenies, but he was around the same time as Caldwell.

“Someone broke into my car, rifled through all my things, took about $10 of change,” he said.

Now DeJoseph and Caldwell said they have learned their lesson and always make sure to lock their doors.

“I sit in my car with my doors open until the kids are out, and then once they are out of the car, I hit lock,” Caldwell said. “I don’t shut my door until I lock my doors.”

Caldwell also offers a reminder to others.

“Even if you know your neighbors, you don’t know everybody,” she said. “You don’t know people who are coming in and out of the neighborhoods so just better safe than sorry.”

State police are asking anyone in the impacted neighborhoods who may have noticed suspicious activity or have surveillance video to contact them at (518) 786-2440.

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