Warriors in Motion learn to ski, snowboard at Windham Mountain Resort event

WINDHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A group of injured veterans will learn to ski and snowboard with the help of the adaptive sports foundation at Windham Mountain.

Warriors in Motion is in its 13th year. For the Adaptive Sports Foundation this is one of their signature events. All weekend long, 18 of our nation’s heroes who you see in the blue coats will learn not only how to ski and snowboard but also how to heal.

Friday was a first for army sergeant Quincy Lopez. He’s just getting acquainted with his new prosthetic leg.

“I’ve been steady motivated to get backup and do things. Today thanks to the adaptive sports foundation we’re going to kill the slopes and go snowboarding.”

After serving two tours he was wounded in Afghanistan, suffering severe head and leg injuries. The pain eventually becoming too much to bear, so five months ago he made the decision to have doctors amputate below the knee.

He also decided that rather than letting his disabilities defeat him, he’d soldier on.

“It’s too soon, I won’t give up though until it’s done that’s for sure”

There’s others who have full physical capabilities, bearing scars the eye can’t see like spinal cord injuries or PTSD.

Gail Shnell says her challenge was just getting here and out of her comfort zone.

“Just thankful to be back and to be with other veterans to have this amazing opportunity to push ourselves to try something new and encourage each other it’s really wonderful,” Shnell said.

No matter what the obstacle there are more than 120 volunteers here reporting for duty.

Also riding alongside these heroes today was Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The former congresswoman served on the Armed Service Committee, making it her mission to ensure our veterans are taken care of.

“They did this for their country we owe them such a debt of gratitude we sleep under a blanket of security because they’re willing to put on a uniform.  I want to tell them that we appreciate what they’ve done for our state and for our country,” Lt. Gov. Hochul said.

Knowing that these disabilities can take a toll on their families as well. They’re all invited to come along too for an all expenses paid weekend getaway.

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