VSP: Stab wounds to torso cause of death in Arlington homicide

ARLINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) – Vermont State Police conducted interviews on Friday in regards to the death of an 81-year-old Arlington woman.

The body of Helen Jones was found by a friend inside her Buck Hill Road home Wednesday night.

Neighbors Jim and Cathy Corey found her death hard to believe.

“Scary, frightening, sad,” Cathy said. “Sad is the bigger word. You know, it’s just hard to believe.”

Robert Brown lives two doors down from Jones. He said Vermont State Police spoke with him on Thursday because his home was recently broken into.

“Somebody broke in here two weeks ago and stole medication from here, too, so now you got to lock your doors around here,” he said.

An autopsy was conducted on Friday, and Jones’s cause of death was stab wounds to the torso. Her manner of death is a homicide.

Brown said he believes the homicide investigation could be similar to what happened at his home.

“The police detective told me it was drug related,” he said. “Somebody broke in and stole her medication.”

VSP said the investigation revealed a forced entry into Jones’s home, and evidence collected from her home will be examined and analyzed.

Detectives said they’re aware of other burglaries in the area and are exploring the possibility of any connection to Jones’s death.

Jim Corey also thinks his neighbor was the target of a drug-related crime.

“I can’t imagine there would be any other explanation because I couldn’t imagine why anyone would go after an 81-year-old woman who keeps to herself,” he said.

Regardless of what may have happened to Jones, some said they’re on edge and taking extra precautions.

“We definitely are locking our car doors,” Cathy said. “Last night, we locked the storm door and the door to the house, which we normally don’t.”

“I don’t have a concern right now,” Brown said. “Anybody that tries coming in here has a concern because we’re ready.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Vermont State Police Shaftsbury Barracks at (802) 442-5421.

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