Deployed dad watches son’s birth by FaceTime

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WCMH) – Even though Martin and Mariah Vaughan are separated by the Pacific Ocean, they do what many military families do, they improvise.

When it came time for Mariah to deliver their son, Martin was there for the entire delivery, even though he is stationed in Japan. He watched the entire 31-hour labor through FaceTime.

“It really felt like he was there the whole time,” Mariah Vaughan told KOAT. “It was really emotional. I remember there was a time when my mom put the phone in front of me, and I looked at him and I started crying and he started crying.”

Not only was Marty able to get his first glimpse of dad, he was able to get his first smell of him, too.

“I have a shirt that I made my husband wear before he left, and I draped it over my shoulder so he could see or smell him,” Mariah Vaughan said.

In the time since little Marty was born, they have been connecting daily though FaceTime sessions.

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